Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet scraps

I'm continuing my project to use up all yarn scraps. Yeah, I know its futile, but I'll try anyway. :)

First, I made a bluish mini dress for Pretty in Plaid AA Barbie. Wow, that doll was hard to get! She must've gone a long way before she fell into my sis' hands and finally - into mine (Thanks sis!), cause her head is glued on. Anyway, she's still as pretty as she should be. She is also very difficult to photograph: when I finally managed to work with her overall stiffness and hair picking up static or lighting problems, there always was a stray speck of dust on her face.

Then, there was a patchy tunic for Birthstone Beauty. I guess it could use some leggins...
Again, it probably wasn't my day for photographing. That's what happens when you want to document something fast. ;)

No tunic here, but the portray is nice enough to share. :)
And finally, a greenish dress. I'm quite happy with the corset. It cost me lots of unraveling and making again, but then the skirt was quick to make.

It feels so cool to turn those scraps I was about to throw away into something, lets say, applicable. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fairytopia reincarnation

At first, I fell in love with the Enchantress of Fairytopia, the only collectible doll in the line. She's been something exceptional to me, and one day I will write a post exclusively about her. But today it's about the play line girls whom I found strangely irresistible. 

Left to right: Azura, Enchantress, Dandelion.
 Azura came first and though I do like her, I haven't found my style for her. That's the problem I've had with the rest of the girls too - their looks were so complete, there wasn't much room for interpretation. They are undoubtedly pretty, but the only way I found to enjoy them was to put them on the shelf and look at them every morning.
 I thought Azura would be my favourite of the fairies, but now she is the one to get the least attention. I really don't know why. Maybe that's because she looks so good in her crazy blue hair loops and all-blue dress that I'm too scared to change anything.

One of the very few photos of Azura.

Then came Miss Sunshine - Dandelion. This girl is all about energy and happiness. And again, I thought I'd love this doll, because she is so bright, has red ponytails and this smart smirk. But I couldn't change anything and the doll quickly joined Azura on the shelf.

Dandelion in her original dress.
I was so disappointed  with my lack of interest in the Fairytopia Fairies, that it took me lots of time before I deciced to buy Dahlia. And I wouldn't have bought her if she wasn't on sales and I thought that I might complete the collection with her. Her fate was to join the rest on the shelf, I didn't even take an arrival picture. 
But there came one rainy, late summer day and Dahlia spread her subtle magic. I took her to the lake side and fell in love with her with this one photo session.

After nearly 3 years from that session I finally felt ready to free my fairies from the dull role of winged dustcatchers. Dahlia and Dandelion got Fashionistas bodies, I let down their hair and gave them something to dress. Poor Azura is waiting for vinyl match. Since then, they've accompanied me for most of the time as sewing models. That's why their hair got slight curl from the protective braid.

Her hair is still shiny, it just doesn't look so in the photos.
Barbie Fairytopia Dandelion

Now, I can't wait for the right moment to take my fairies for an outdoor session.

Barbie Fairytopia Dahlia
 It feels like having two new dolls!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Monsters got me!

Finally, the Monster High fever got me too. These dolls are absolutely fabulous and I simply had to have at least one. I bought my number two from the wish list - the Skull Shores Frankie.

This girl is fantastically monochromatic. Did you notice that her eyes, though both grey, are still different? I adore her weird proportions and from the start I knew, I'd love to crochet for her. I gave her a very colourful set, cause I thought that any colour would fit her and cheer her up a little.

 This dress is a part of my larger project - to use up all scraps of yarn I have.

My Frankie with LP rattie!

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