Wish List

    2017 Fashionistas Barbie: Doll 49 Double Denim, Doll 51 Polka Dot Fun (Mar. 2017)
    2016 Fashionistas Barbie: Doll 26 Spring Into Style - Curvy (Jul. 2016), Doll 29 Terrific Teal - Tall, Doll 30 White & Pink Pizzazz - Tall Mar.2016, Doll 31 Rock 'N' Roll Plaid - Petite (Jul. 2016), Doll 33 Fab Fringe - Tall (Jul. 2016)
    2015 Fashionistas Barbie Pants So Pink/Capri Cool (CLN65) (April 2017)
    Disney Animators' Collection - Mulan, Lilo (Feb. 2016), Kristoff, Merida (got the 2013 ver. on Feb. 2016), Rapunzel (June 2016), Anna, Elsa (Dec. 2016), Ariel (June 2016), Tinker Bell, Pocahontas, Tiana, Moana!
    Disney Descendants Freddie (May 2017)
    Barbie Made to Move - all of them (Jan. 2016) GIVE ME MORE!!!- got more - orange top (Jan. 2017)
    The Barbie Look brunette 2016 (after many fails, Dec. 2016)
    The Barbie Look Pool Chic 2017
    Barbie Birthday Wishes 2016 Barbie Doll, Dark Brunette(May 2017)
    MH Finnegan Wake (May 2016)
    Kurhn General Mulan 2015
    MH Boo York, Boo York! City Ghouls 3-pack (Mouscedes!) (December 2015)
    MH Lorna McNessie (first attempt june 2015, rebought july 2105)
    EA Cerise Hood Spring Unsprung (got the Signature doll instead, sometime around April 2015)
    MH Draculaura Die-ner
    MH Ghoulia Yelps Scaris
    MH Wydowna Spider (Sept. 2014)
    MH Manster: Gil&Deuce (April 2015)
    MH Invisi Billy (Jan. 2015)
    MH Ghoulebrities in Londoom (April 2015)
    MH Student Disembody Council (bankrupt, but happy, 2015)
    MH Jane Boolittle (Sept. 2014)
    MH Abbey&Heath
    MH Elissabat (hurray for birthday!)
    Monsieur Z Fly Girl (and several others like Splash, Park Avenue and Caliente)
    Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Barbie Giftset (Dec. 2016)
    Vitamin C Barbie (Feb. 2016)

    Dating Fun Ken (?)
    Fair Valentine Barbie (?)
    Fairytopia Magical Mermaid Kayla
    Spring Blossom Mulan
    Cali Girl Hawaiian Hair Christie
    Trendy & Bendy Christie (May 2016)
    Tonner's Deja Vu (got Basic Emma Jean in March 2015)
    BJD Supia Minisup Sujin (shhh, it's a secret, that I got her in may 2015)
    Steffi Love Mystic Girlz Scary Couple (may 2013)
    Monster High Skelita Calaveras City of Frights (may 2013)
    Venus McFlytrap with green make up
    Fashionistas Ryan (jan. 2013)
    Fairytopia Mermaid Fantasy Kayla (jan. 2013)
    Disney Store Lottie (july 2013)
    Disney Store Rapunzel (got the 2012 edition in may 2013)
    Disney Store Snow White (got the 2012 edition in june 2013)
    BJD Dollzone Stramonium and Tulip head They're having an Event on these and ceasing production, I have no money and it let me realize that I don't really need these.
    BJD Dollmore Zaoll Ramie (I think I can live withou her)
    Iplehouse JID Asa (arrived 22 April 2013)
    Little Pullip (Calfy?) on 21 or 23cm Obitsu (sometime early 2013)
    MH I <3 Fashion Abbey Bominale (yupi! Jan. 2014)
    MH Rochelle Goyle Scaris (Jan. 2014)


      1. Congratulations on getting your wish list dolls. Nice to see some listed items striked out. That means you got them? Yay!

        1. Yay indeed. :) Yup, I gradually get to strike out some items from the list, getting lotsa other dolls on the way. ;)


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