Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Disney Store Merida

Disney Store's Merida

While visiting my friend in the UK I had a chance to drop by a Disney Store. I loved almost everything they had! I've been sighing for a Animators' Collection Mulan for a while, but I've been traveling with hand luggage only and I couldn't buy such a big doll. I wanted a 2011 11'' Snow White and Rapunzel, but they had only the 2012 versions. However, they had Li Shang (2011 and 2012, newer version has bigger head and different box), a lovely new version of Ariel, fantastic Lottie and Merida, all also on my wish list. I couldn't make my mind!

Finally I chose Merida, because she is an awesome doll, and Shang, because he's been on the wish list for the longest time. But just wait till I get there again!

It was quite difficult to find a flawless Merida. Most had wonky eyes, which isn't that bad and adds some character, or just different paint style, smaller or bigger pupils, etc. Mine has some freckles migrated from her cheek to the forehead, but the nicest eyes I've seen on Merida.
Disney Store's Merida looks slightly crazy and that's what I love about her most!

Nicely made details: bow, arrow and quiver.
I haven't undressed her yet, which is quite unlike me, but she has the new fully bendable body. The dress is well made. The archer's sleeve is removable and reveals a normal dress sleeve.

Really funny shoes :)
DS Merida depicts the dynamics of the animation really well, especially her flowing hair. I don't know why, but she is currently one of my favourite dolls.

I've just noticed, this is my 50th post! Should I make a giveaway when I get to the 100th?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pamela or Siso

A couple of years ago I got from my friend her childhood dolls. Among them was a little gem - 17 cm (about 6.5 inch) ballerina doll. She might be a Siso or one of the first Pamela dolls by Simba from early 80' as these were indistinguishable except for the box.

Pamela Love with Tonner's Tyler

 If you want to know more about Pamelas you might try these links:

Anyway, these dolls were my favourite companions when I was a child and almost all of them, except for one, survived to the present times. They were small, versatile and subtle, had bendable joints perfect for climbing trees and having adventures, while Barbie was having another boring tea party. And they still are among my favourite dolls.
The one I got from my friend was in fairly good condition, only her hair was a mess. It is a weak point of these dolls. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos before I got to the reroot. She had little hair rooted only in the parting, so I added a whole line around the scalp. Originally she was ash blonde, but I prefer brunettes (my first Pam was a brunette).

Right after reroot. :)
Sweet and funny face.

 More photos and some doll nudity below!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lagoona's scale dress

Lagoona Blue Mad Science/Classroom wearing custom dress and Fashionistas earrings.

This is the last dress I made for Lagoona last summer. It exhausted my crocheting powers. ;)
I've been waiting to show it until Lagoona got her fins back. Thanks to a dear person Lagoona's complete once again. Thank you, K.!

More photos below!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I've got the new Fashionista Ryan! His stiff legs suck, but his eyes are irresistible. Just in time for Valentine's Day! :)

Fashionistas Ryan
He noticed her...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A drop of gold

This is my third MH doll so far and a second Frankie. I made this dress in June with no particular doll in mind. It's fully lined.

Gloomy Beach Frankie Stein
I love her toned palette.
By the way, I just discovered that ALL THREE of my MH dolls were made in Indonesia. Frankie is already suffering from mild glue leakage. -_-



Galadriel is a beautiful doll, but as with most of dolls that are so perfect in their factory looks that I have problems playing with them, I couldn't bond with her. She's been with me for a while, I'm her second owner and her hair was slightly less than perfect. Therefore, I've decided to continue the destruction and give her a makeover. I thought that she might look cool with straight hair. She opposed.

This is the first time I've encountered such nasty hair. It feels like fine saran, but is resistant to any modifications. I tried steam, hot water, even risked hair straightener and almost managed to ruin the doll completely, because her hair started to melt. But remained wavy anyway. I give up.

She looks different and I'm no longer afraid that I might ruin the hair while redressing her. It's a progress of some kind.

Oh, and her body is changing colour. It's not very visible yet, but I might have to sand it one day, because there is no way I'd find a matching body for her.

Barbie as Galadriel - Baladriel?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mona Lisa

Just a short post to share with you what I've made for a gift:

Bought a nude Mona Lisa Barbie, made a dress, boxed!

White lace is just to keep the doll in the box, not a part of the dress.
I'm quite proud. It was really difficult to part with this beautiful doll.
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