Friday, August 23, 2013

Love of the last days of summer

All evening yesterday a melody had been haunting me, but I couldn't recall what was the song. I finally found it. It is the cover of Jason Donovan's "Sealed with a kiss" with polish lyrics sung by Renata Dąbkowska.

While looking for the song, I've been thinking about a photo session I took about three years ago. The song's lyrics, roughly translating, is about love that came with the last days of summer and faded with the first frost. The photo session was also about a summer flirt that didn't last for long.

Tarina was my newest doll then. She seemed quite lonely. Although flirting comes to her as easily as breathing, she is a sweet and fragile girl inside. While other dolls were having a picnic, she and Fashionistas Ken took a stroll...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Project: Lena

Once upon a time, in the mythical times when I was young, I had fewer dolls and among them there was a hollow-body, cheap mermaid. I called her Lena. As I grew up, I turned to better quality dolls, but kept this one, like a good memory. Some time ago I've noticed that Lena was starting to fall apart, her head got all greasy and her hair - oxidized and brittle. So I launched a project to make a new, better Lena, one to last.

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