Friday, November 23, 2012

Favourite dolls: The black heart of fuchsia

Tarina Tarantino Barbie
I have to make another confession: I hate pink. I admitt, it can sometimes look pretty, but never serious or reliable. I de-pinkify all my dolls and stuff. Yup, that's hard for a Barbie collector.
With such an attitude I came across the Tarina Tarantino Barbie Doll...

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Part of my doll shoes collection.
I have to admitt, I'm an obsessive type. Obsessed with rats, dolls and... doll shoes! My dolls have to have shoes, otherwise their look is incomplete. I used to buy dolls for their shoes as well as not buy some, because I didn't have shoes to fit them.
I've committed a few pairs for the dolls less provided by the producers, but I haven't mastered it yet.
Today, I want to show you my favourite factory-made little shoes.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New order...

...on the shelf in our living room. New dolls, old dolls, the ones I like to have around. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First snow

LOTR - Galadriel

This year I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy the first snow, but it reminded me of some photos I'd taken couple of years ago.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Dream Team: Monsieur Z

Monsieur Z Beach Babes Sizzle
Due to the circumstances, I was unable to make this last session on Cyprus. Luckily, MZ had a nice, unpublished photo shoot this spring. Let it also be a goodbye to the green season, as we have the first snowfall this year today.

I love these photos, because they highlight the blue hues in the hair of MZ. She really has them, but it's very difficult to catch them on a photo.

I absolutely adore that blue sheen on her hair!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back from te abyss

Well, instead of going home, I've spent some quality time in a hospital. Right now I'm trying to catch up with real life, rediscover home and get to know my new ratties.
Oh, and I'm sorting out the dolls I can part with. I'll sell them next month on the Polish Doll Collectors Convention, if I can make it there.

Since I haven't got much to show yet, I'd like to share with you a doll I got for my sis for her birthday. It's an older Pamela or her close cousin probably. She was in a very good condition, I just had to work a little on her hair and make her a dress.

Pamela - I love these filigree dolls.

Vintage and fully articulated. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The dream team: Gillian

My stay in Cyprus is coming to an end. In two weeks I'll be home. I wonder if my collection will be like a new discovery to me. Because, as I now think of it, I realize that I have dozens of fabulous dolls. And of how many have I forgotten?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Sad Louboutin

If in a sudden flash I can see a dolls character, I'm done for. The particular doll will haunt me until I get her.
I thought about buying Barbie Basics with Louboutin mold just so, because she is rather original and pretty, but not the typical perfect-pretty, and I don't expect Mattel will use this mold very often. But then, one night when falling asleep I had a vision how this doll has to look like. The next day I've had her. Because, first of all, she is sad.

Below more about Louboutin's new image:

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little things

Sometimes, it's little things that matter in life, like a big mug of tea on the terrace after a day of hard work.

Well, probably as many doll collectors, I 've got that thing about small things like pieces of doll-scale furniture, vessels, etc.  I guess these will be the best souvenir for me. :)

The nicest mug from Cyprus I could find. I've seen many different colours and dozens of little plates.
My favourite mug from Crete. It comes with a little plate. There was also a porcelain spoon but it was out of scale so I didn't buy it. It has a little magnet.

All we've managed to collect till now.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What got caught in the net

Remember her..?
... and how she looked like the last time?
Well, I finished her latest temporary looks on the day I left home in June. And I've just remembered, I hadn't posted this!

She's a fairy again! :)
Still not perfect, but there's progress... of some kind.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The dream team: Aria

Some time ago I've promised to introduce all the dolls that I'd taken with me. I've already bored you to near death with Lagoona and showed off Ms Song. ;) Now it's time for Aria - Dynamite Girl, wave 1.

More photos and babbling below!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hell. In high heels.

I've been working on River's image. Had loads of fun. Is it slightly better now?

"So...what kind of doctor are you?"
"Archaeology. Love a tomb."
"Oh, this is my friend River. Nice hair, clever, and has her own gun. And unlike me, she really doesn't mind shooting people."
"Can I trust you, River Song?"
"If you like. But where's the fun in that?"
All quotes come from Dr Who. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello, Sweetie!

I've bought a doll! Yeah, what a news... ;)

Barbie Basics #03-002
 I've been thinking about her some time ago. She has one of my favourite molds and she's quite unusual with those blond curls. She's a little too sweet, though. I gave up, because I didn't want her that badly for the original price.
But recently, with my obsession being fed on the approaching Dr Who's next season, well... She looks kind of like young River Song, doesn't she? And I found the doll priced down to 9.99 euros. :)

Alex Kingston as River Song
Now I simply have to wait until my doll grows older, 49 of age, because that's how my favourite River is. ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Accidents happen

For the first time since I came to Cyprus I decided to go public with dolls. We went to an aquarium near Agia Napa. There is a garden there, so I pulled out Lagoona and tried to take some photos. It was noon, rather warm, and the contrast of sunlight and shade made it very difficult to take any decent photos. Actually, I made one. My company was growing impatient, so I grabbed Lagoona and while tucking her into a bag, noticed that she'd lost a fin. Went back looking for it and, hurray, found it in the sand! I happily put it into the bag with Lagoona and hurried away. But at home I couldn't find it! And it's gone for good. :(

Last moments of Lagoona being complete.
She doesn't seem to despair, so neither will I.

She snatched boots from the Fallen Angel Stardoll

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Island of Aphrodite at night

 Or, I've moved again and landed in... the middle of nowhere, as it seems at the moment. I hope to find my way around here soon.

What can one do at night in a hermitage like this, but to howl to the moon?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On the Island of Gods

I enjoy my stay here more and more, the time passes so fast, and it's nearly the time to move on. I have my small pleasures: long walks along the seashore or up in the hills, watching animals and listening to cicadas, or in the crowd in the old city. I love to try new foods, especially exotic fruit and sweets.

I kind of regret bringing along so many dolls. I didn't even have time to take them out of the box, poor things, but for a short glance. Only Lagoona takes her rightful place at the side of my bed, despite any comments. I made only one new dress for her and took her for one solitary walk.

My slimy Thumbelina :)
The dress she is wearing is not the latest one. Actually, it's the first dress I made for Lagoona.

Hey, I'm a water creature, this sun does me no good!
Get me outta here this instant! There are spikes here!

Thank you. I like it better here.

The other reason I regret bringing so many dolls is that during my walks in the city I found a really nice toy shop, particularly one with quite many collectible dolls and some really nice playlines. They have loads of Monster High, Paola Reigna and Stardolls. Finally, I could in person asses the latter, since from the photos I could not make out, whether I want them or not. Well, now I know, I definitely do. It cost me 20 euros and three rounds around the Old Town, struggling with thoughts, if I could spend that money, but I have the Fallen Angel. It's going to be a pain looking for a body for her, but who cares... And another pain to fit her into my overloaded luggage. ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mediterranean me

I've been silent for a while. The reason is here - I've moved to that dot on the map below (hope its working).

Pokaż Rethymno, Greece na większej mapie

From my point of view it looks more like this:
I'm going to stay here for about a month and then move on to another, preferably equally interesting, dot.
 Of course, I have some of my girls with me and I hope to be able to introduce them to you, but my company here is not really doll-friendly (and that's just one of their flaws...) 
I couldn't decide to take just one, though. Packing up one's life into a never-big-enough suitcase is one of the hardest tasks ever... I've packed some dolls, than unpacked them, packed yet another set, chosen some clothes for them, then had to reduce the amount by half... In the end, I've left behind the MZ Flaunt It girl. And lucky I did, because my luggage was grams from overwieght.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ebony and ivory

I bought this Monsieur Z Flaunt It doll almost three weeks ago, but I haven't had time to enjoy her since. As far as I know, I'm her third owner and it is quite apparent from her condition. But still, she was very anticipated and yesterday I had tons of fun photographing her. It was one of those few nearly perfect days - it was warm, I didn't have school or work, everybody else was watching football and I had all the time for my dolls. :)
Lots of photos below!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Favourite dolls: Fond of blonde.

Actually, I'm not very fond of blonde dolls and there are just a few that made it to my favourites list. But there she is: Monsieur Z Beach Babes Sizzle.

I gave her a loose and comfy sweater for a lazy sunday morning.
I was astonished by the level of her details and quality. Her jewellery is made of metal, her shoes - of tiniest ribbons and elastics with plastic sole and silver fabric insole. Sadly, the shoes are slightly too big. The bikini is cool, despite being a pain to close at the back.
She's got pretty nails. And nail polish. French manicure actually!

Her hair is beautiful, thick, with a slight bluish sheen. The quality is great and I can't resist stroking it.

Her facepaint is simple, cartoonish and very accurate with Monsieur Z's illustrations. I think, it is very dificult to translate a 2D picture into a 3D shape, but no matter from what angle you look at MZ, she remains alike to the graphics. Her eyes are made of plain lines and patches of colour, but seem very expressive.

Seductive looks...
I really appreciate the simplicity of her face.

I wasn't absolutely convinced when I bought her, though she was on the wish list for a long time, but now I'm totally convinced. Enough, that another MZ is flying to me, though I really shouldn't have... and even more models are slipping onto the wish list...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The impossible task

As I spoke with some collectors, I found out that most of us share one fear:

What if I'm to keep only one or just a few dolls?
In case of fire, which of my dolls I'd try to save first (after family and live stock, of course)?

I could never answer these questions. Could you?
I always have "current favourites", dolls I play with, dress or sew for them most often. With time I get bored with them, some of them grow a personality and remain my favourites, although less played with, others fall into oblivion (and sometimes I discover them for the second time). I also have a significant group of old, often childhood dolls, which will always be special. Some have a "feels like home" aura, they are companions for times of sadness.

Luckily, my choices for now aren't that grave. I just have to choose a doll or dolls that will go with me to live abroad (Crete, Cyprus or both) for three months, be a companion, comforter and a model for sewing and photographing. Yup, quite demanding for - preferably - a single doll. Especially, that I like to sew and crochet for different sizes and shapes and get easily bored with just one. And I have a strictly limited luggage capacity.

1. B&B Tyler - my first 16", long time crush and a "feels like home" doll. Cons: not travel-friendly size.


As you can see, Tyler already is a traveller.
2. Cami 1st ed. - doll of ultimate grace and photo-compatibility. I love her poseability. Cons: again, size.

3. Mulan - my favourite Disney character. The problem is, I have so many Mulan dolls, it's sooo difficult to choose my favourite!

Classical Red used to be my absolute favourite for a long time and a feels-like-home, but I haven't played with her for a long time and I'm not sure if she still has that effect on me. Tragic hair. Blossom Beauty is so pale and noble, but her hair is a mess when trying on clothes, so she's a fail as a sewing model. I gave away the Secret Hero in good condition, because the shaved-and-heavily-played-with one grew on me so much, that I preferred her (f-l-h again). She's a great sewing model and good for carrying in the backpack, poor photo model. However, I don't like sewing for TNT body any more. I have two Disney Store Mulans, one has nicer face, the other (no photo) - articulated hands.

4. Enchantress - a true beauty (actually, which of them isn't?), and a romantic heroine of a story I made up about longing for a distant home and family. However, she's one of the display, not play dolls. Maybe I would establish a new relation with her? TNT body again.

5. Kida - a true feels-like-home girl, very unusual, slightly sad and melancholic, good listener, fair model, bad swimmer due to batteries in her back. A representative of ancient civilisation - nicely fits into the picture.

6. Tarina Tarantino - a girl with personality, photo-tastic, despite the model muse body, one of the feels-like-home bunch. She grabs attention, which is good and bad. Her curls and bangs don't like to be played with.

Long story behind a nice photo. :)

7. Monsieur Z - I don't know why, but this girl is a candidate to f-l-h group. Too new to know yet, but there's definitely something about her.

8. Aria - she wasn't supposed to appear on this list, but every time I pass her, there's that tingling sensation.

9. Frankie - small, poseable, fun and friendly, good for sewing and a pretty model. And she carries around a rat, which is an additional positive trait.

She was a perfect candidate until...
10. Lagoona - a water creature in a white lab coat with a frog in a jar. Absolutely perfect, no matter the details. ;) Mad science squared!

There were many, many other dolls that wanted to jump onto the list at worst, or into the suitcase at best. And I've been just going through the photos. I'm afraid to look at the shelves or into the cupboard not to stumble upon another doll I'd really, really like to take with me.

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