Monday, January 28, 2013

First Anniversary

I made it to the first anniversary of my blog! It's so much fun to write about dolls. Thank you for being here and reading!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Makeover: Mariposa Barbie

I got my Mariposa Barbie in a "played-with" condition, not worth photographing, really, unless you need some harsh waking up. I gave her a new body and some hair styling and... now I know why I wanted this doll from the moment I saw her. :)

Mariposa wearing clothes of DG Aria Wave 1 and some random Barbie shoes.
She's got really nice hair...
...and lovely doe eyes.
The small fairy head looks really well on a bellybutton body, like the pre-BHS dolls.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liebster Blog

Thank you Marille for the award!

"Nominacja do Liebster Award jest otrzymywana od innego blogera w ramach uznania za „dobrze wykonaną robotę” Jest przyznawana dla blogów o mniejszej liczbie obserwatorów, więc daje możliwość ich rozpowszechnienia. Po odebraniu nagrody należy odpowiedzieć na 11 pytań otrzymanych od osoby, która Cię nominowała. Następnie Ty nominujesz 11 osób (informujesz ich o tym) oraz zadajesz im 11 pytań. Nie wolno nominować bloga, który Cię nominował."

"Nomination to Liebster Award is given by another blogger in appreciation of "well done job". It is awarded to blogs with fewer followers, so it helps to promote them. After being awarded you should answer 11 questions asked by the nominating person. Secondly, you nominate 11 people (let them know about it!) and ask your 11 questions. You can't nominate the blog that nominated you."

1. Jakie lalki lubisz najbardziej? (What kind of dolls do you like the most?)

11'' fashion dolls from any manufacturer and era as long as they move my imagination. Unique face and beautiful hair are welcome.

2. Czy mogłabyś nie mieć bloga? (Could you not have a blog?)

Well, I had my first blog for almost six years, then I took a break and... no, I can't do without a blog.

3. Czy jest jakiś kolor, który Ci się podoba, a w którym fatalnie wyglądasz? (Is there a colour you like but look terrible in it?)

Yes, all pastels and black.

4. Jesteś skowronkiem czy sową, jeśli chodzi o wstawanie i kładzenie się spać. (Are you an early bird or a night owl?)

A night owl. I write, live and thrive after dark. ;)

5. Czy lubisz podróżować i w jaki sposób - zorganizowany/niezorganizowany/z plecakiem... (Do you like to travel and how - organized/freelance/with backpack...)

Kind of. I mean, I love being somewhere new, seeing new places, trying new tastes, but I absolutely hate the process of traveling by car, plane, ship or any other.

6. Czy lubisz czytać książki (papierowe)? (Do you like reading <paper> books?)

Yes, just as much as any other. But there are few things that can compare to the smell of a new book. New dolls maybe. ;)

7. Twój ulubiony deser. (Favourite dessert)

Almost any, as long as it doesn't contain coconut. Cream puff, chocolate cake, jellies...

8. Czego jeszcze chciałabyś się nauczyć? (What more would you like to learn?)

Better English, HTML, repaint, dog training. Just not now.

9. Co cenisz najbardziej u innych? (What do you value the most in others?)

Wisdom engaged to help others.

10. Co byś zmieniła w sobie? (What woul you change in yourself?)

Health. I'd like to be less depressive and oversensitive sometimes.

11. Jakie święta lubisz najbardziej? (What's you favourite holiday?)

Christmas. Half way out of the darkness with gifts. ;D

My nominations:
There are so many fabulous, talented people out there and I couldn't award all of them!
1. Rudy Królik -
2. Bogna -
3. Kamarza -
4. Aga Plieth -
5. Kida -
6. Muff -
7. Zoe -
8. Marisol -
9. The Doll Whisperer -
10. Lunarh -
11. Black Knight -

You're free to feel appreciated and ignore the questions that go with this award. ;)
Możecie spokojnie poczuć się docenieni i zignorować pytania związane z nagrodą. ;)

My questions:
1. Have you done anything good today? / Czy zrobiłeś/łaś dzisiaj coś dobrego? :)
2. What's your favourite animal and why? / Jakie jest Twoje ulubione zwierzę i dlaczego?
3. What's your favourite food? / Jakie jest Twoje ulubione jedzonko?
4. What are you going to do when you retire? / Co będziesz robić na emeryturze?
5. What do you value the most in others? / Co cenisz najbardziej u innych?
6. What's your favourite season? / Jaka jest Twoja ulubiona pora roku?
7. What's your favourite hangout? / W jakim miejscu najchętniej spędzasz wolny czas?
8. Have you read a book worth recommending? / Przeczytałeś/łaś jakąś książkę wartą polecenia?
9. What's your least favourite house chore? / Jaki jest Twoja najmniej lubiany obowiązek domowy?
10. What's your favourite TV show? / Ulubiony program TV?
11. Can you share the recipe for your favourite drink? / Możesz podzielić się przepisem na swój ulubiony drink?

Wow, that was lots of work but fun at the same time. I had to think thoroughly about every part of this game. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's keeping me busy

Well, except for work, health and my human family, it's 9 of these needy little critters:
Fenola and Ftala of Anahata Rattery, my youngest girls.

And for Christmas this year I got a slightly different time-ivore:
Eja the Pug or The Ugliest Puppy Ever.

No dolls or doll stuff under the tree this year, but wow, a puppy is SOMETHING! Thanks, family! :D

May the 2013 be better than 2012 for all of you!

I got a nomination for Liebster Blog Award and I am grateful for it. Thanks, Marille! However, I need some more time to think about my nominations.
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