Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthstone Beauty

She was either a late christmas present or an early birthday gift, with my husband - you never know. He's not good with dates, but he does try. Anyway, she's the Emerald/May Birthstone Beauty. I've wanted her for quite some time, or one of her sisters, but couldn't make my mind which one. They all share one of my favourite moulds - Steffi. Almost each one has something nice about her, but all in all, they are very similar! Finally, I decided, that I wanted the May girl, since my birthday is in may and I like her colours, red hair and green eyes.

I do like her face and colours, but... well, the outfit is boring at best, however nicely made. And it was sewn tight into one, irremovable piece. OK, I know, it was supposed to ensure her to look best in the box, but then, why her hair was such a mess?
And, in the end, I think that her round face with very round eyes and round mouth with the round curls looks slightly overdone. So, it's a YES for the doll and a NOT TODAY for the stylization.

However, 30 seconds with hot water and my girl is stunning!

I'm really happy with the effect. :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cami: Everybody's favourite

Tonner's first blonde Cami is everybody's favourite and it took me over a year to realize that mine also. Well, I'm not good at following trends. But since I regained my sight, she really is one of my favourites: subtle, delicate, nearly transparent. Cinderella's mold is much too sweet for me in most cases, but here it's just fine. And Antoinette's body is absolutely gorgeous.

Her hairdo got messed right away, but she's gorgeous anyway. :)

I found Cami's summer session. It makes me longing for summer... Last year I spent lots of time on my own in the countryside, just me and dolls. Best holidays ever.

Cami's pinecone dress.

I had a lot of time, so I made her a quite laborious "pinecone" dress. Seems like the frills got stuck with me since then.

My favourite photo. It took ages before I got the depth of focus right. :)

Now, we're hibernating till spring.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favourite dolls: Barbie Basic Jeans #4

This girl's got some features that are likely to show up on this blog quite often: mix red hair, green eyes, pale lips and goddess mould and you have a doll I probably will like very much.

Her original outfit is simple and universal. And it realises one of my childhood dreams - realistic Barbie jeans. I like it, but prefer it on other dolls.

Sweet "B" on the pocket. :)

Besides pretty face and fabulous hair, she was quite dull, until I gave her a poseable body. She's so alive now! A dress I made recently with no particular doll in mind fits her perfectly.

The dress was inspired by mermaid looks - the bodice is made of shells or scales and the skirt is weed-like. :) I'm really happy with the effect.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Big girl

Over time it's becoming more and more rare for me to fall for a doll. Yup, I'm a typical addict, I need more stimulation every time. ;) 
Before I saw her, I thought I was immune to all 16'' dolls, I collected strictly 11'' dolls and didn't like to mix scales. But this girl made it straight to my heart. I couldn't sleep because of her. I couldn't wait to see her in person. She was one of my first international buys and definitely the most expensive then. She opened my door for other 16'' beauties in 2007 but she still is my number 1 - Blush'n'Bashful Tyler by Tonner.

Tyler in the first dress I made for her.

Tyler on a cold and windy polish beach

In her first (and last) bathing suit.
I don't like pink, but she does, so I had no choice but to make her a dress. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Disney's dolls

I went through my second shelf today, the one with Disney/fairytale dolls. Their number's been slightly reduced in the last months. I decided to keep only the dolls I really like.
I put away most of Princesses made by Simba cause they started... decomposing. They're not old, most of them was produced less than 6 years ago, but their bodies turned yellow and some makeups faded. The same thing happened to the girls I kept in boxes, so it's not the fault of UV or dust. Anyway, it made me really angry. I kept only Simba's Aladdin and Jasmin, Mulan and two Ariels. I guess the problem concerns only the dolls from the first and second edition. Unless more yellowing is ahead of me, on the newer dolls.
I also got rid of Milo form Atlantis, Megara from Hercules, Anakin from Star Wars, Kayley and Garrett from The Magic Sword. These are nice, original and well made dolls, but I didn't relate to them. Actually, I have problems remembering what I got rid of, so I probably don't miss them too much. The shelf is dominated by Mulans now - 7 of them - and still pretty crowdy. :)

My absolute favourite - Dowager Empress from Anastasia. She moved from the shelf for a while cause I'm making her a new, more appropriate dress.
Two Pocahontas dolls salvaged from the shelf population reduction.

Many faces of Fiona.

Simba's Mulan - rather interesting than pretty.

My gorgeous Belle.

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