Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dressing up Carrie

Winter is over and it may be the last sensible moment to post some of the fashions I made for my two Carries. First, a very simple sweater for RTW Carrie.

Something happened to her forehead and I noticed after taking the photos. I had to remove it with sandpaper and there was no time to repeat the shoot. I like the photo anyway, cause this is the only portray in which I was able to catch all the details of her make up.

I love her intense look. I think she is quite unusual.
RTW Carrie was my second Tonner doll and we've had a love-hate relationship since then. But I wouldn't change a detail in her.

Another Carrie is a slightly more recent buy, a dream come true - Kir Royale Carrie. She is wearing a slightly longer wig than the original one.

Yup, I messed the sleeves. -_-'

Monday, March 12, 2012

Favourite dolls: Ballerina Barbie 2010

Maybe someone lucky out there enjoyed a nice weekend. As for me, it was another two days at the Uni and all I could do was just to recall one sweet, lazy morning from nearly a year ago. Wow, that memory will have to suffice for long. -_-'

I've spent it taking photos of one of my favourite dolls - a redhead Ballerina Barbie from 2010.

That's how she looked freshly out of the box.

  I found her on sales and something made me take her home, though I hate moulded clothes and shoes and glittery make up. However, there is something about her face that makes her one of my absolute favourites.

That morning she received a fashionistas body, which made me love her even more.

Free from the purple body at last!

No matter what she does, she does it in style. :)

Quiet morning was interrupted by agitated FF Barbie. "I've got a date really soon and I'm not ready!"
"Calm down, I'll help you"

 "Let's find some clothes for you. Long or short, sweet or hot, maybe something retro or a swimming suit?"

Make up!

Last touch.
And she left...
Leaving us with all that mess!

Don't look into her eyes!

Not so long ago I've had a very bad time in my life, almost every aspect of it was falling apart. As you can imagine, I was really depressed and my worries were driving me crazy. One morning I had a strange dream and when I woke up, I knew what I had to do. I worked like crazy and when I finished late in the afternoon, I felt free.
All my anger, frustration and despair was enclosed in this doll. Don't look her in the eyes - it's still there!

Sorry for the threads in this photo -_-'''

I am aware, that this doll may be controversial to some people. Sorry, it helped me, so it was worth it. My problems haven't resolved, but they don't bother me that much any more.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fiery fairy - Sunburst

Remember that girl?

Fairytopia Sunburst freshly RFB. :)
 At last I found some time to document her current state - unpainted 2007 Barbie body, most of the glitter removed from her face and new hairdo. Her orange hair highlights became more visible. She is shorter than a standard Barbie doll.
I did like her original looks, but because of the fixed wings and costume, I didn't play with her.
I absolutely love her sculpt - truly elvish, with pointy ears, perky nose and full lips. She has features resembling people with Williams syndrome - a condition which is believed to be an inspiration of legends about elves.
Fairytopia Sunburst makeover. :)

This is not my last word on her looks but I love her straight hair and she's going to stay that way for a while.
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