Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On the Island of Gods

I enjoy my stay here more and more, the time passes so fast, and it's nearly the time to move on. I have my small pleasures: long walks along the seashore or up in the hills, watching animals and listening to cicadas, or in the crowd in the old city. I love to try new foods, especially exotic fruit and sweets.

I kind of regret bringing along so many dolls. I didn't even have time to take them out of the box, poor things, but for a short glance. Only Lagoona takes her rightful place at the side of my bed, despite any comments. I made only one new dress for her and took her for one solitary walk.

My slimy Thumbelina :)
The dress she is wearing is not the latest one. Actually, it's the first dress I made for Lagoona.

Hey, I'm a water creature, this sun does me no good!
Get me outta here this instant! There are spikes here!

Thank you. I like it better here.

The other reason I regret bringing so many dolls is that during my walks in the city I found a really nice toy shop, particularly one with quite many collectible dolls and some really nice playlines. They have loads of Monster High, Paola Reigna and Stardolls. Finally, I could in person asses the latter, since from the photos I could not make out, whether I want them or not. Well, now I know, I definitely do. It cost me 20 euros and three rounds around the Old Town, struggling with thoughts, if I could spend that money, but I have the Fallen Angel. It's going to be a pain looking for a body for her, but who cares... And another pain to fit her into my overloaded luggage. ;)


  1. Well, if you are going to re-body her, anyway... It's easier to fit a head than a whole doll. :)

    1. Somehow I managed to tuck her into my bag, and a second one for my sister too. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: I love to see pictures of Lagoona .. I'm glad you're happy in your new city and Lagoona with you on your trips ... .... Keep in touch

    1. Yeah, I felt really happy there. Had to move on, anyway.


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