Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pamela or Siso

A couple of years ago I got from my friend her childhood dolls. Among them was a little gem - 17 cm (about 6.5 inch) ballerina doll. She might be a Siso or one of the first Pamela dolls by Simba from early 80' as these were indistinguishable except for the box.

Pamela Love with Tonner's Tyler

 If you want to know more about Pamelas you might try these links:

Anyway, these dolls were my favourite companions when I was a child and almost all of them, except for one, survived to the present times. They were small, versatile and subtle, had bendable joints perfect for climbing trees and having adventures, while Barbie was having another boring tea party. And they still are among my favourite dolls.
The one I got from my friend was in fairly good condition, only her hair was a mess. It is a weak point of these dolls. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos before I got to the reroot. She had little hair rooted only in the parting, so I added a whole line around the scalp. Originally she was ash blonde, but I prefer brunettes (my first Pam was a brunette).

Right after reroot. :)
Sweet and funny face.

 More photos and some doll nudity below!

I decided to give her a hairdo resembling the typical later Pamelas'.

It was quite a while ago and I wouldn't go back to it, but I got a vintage ballerina dress that suited my girl almost perfect. The skirt was beyond saving, but I managed to keep the top part and add a new skirt and sash.

And that's how my little girl resides proudly in my living room.


  1. Wow love her white lacy frock...too transparent!!!

  2. What a nice job you've done! I don't recall seeing her, before. I'm off to check out your link. :)

    1. Thank you. Give them a look, they might be worth it. ;)

  3. super wyszło ....pozdrawiam ;-)))

  4. Ojej, jaka przemiana nastąpiła. Świetnie Ci to wyszło. Pamela wygląda po zmianach fantastycznie :)
    Ciekawa jestem, na co kręciłaś i czy używałaś jakichś kosmetyków.

    1. Dzięki! Przy nakręcaniu na słomki pomagałam sobie mocnym żelem do włosów, utrwalałam wrzątkiem, bo włosy to dobrej jakości saran, a na koniec prysnęłam odrobiną mgiełki utrwalającej. To ostatnie właściwie nie było konieczne.


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