Monday, April 15, 2013

Those other dolls - clones

My friend found an intriguing doll on a flea market. She griped my heart, but had two flaws - she had her legs cut below knees and missing and she was orange. Not tanned or dark, simply bright orange like a carrot, as if somebody was trying to dye her and something went very wrong. I thought it would be impossible to find body parts for a doll with such a peculiar complexion.

There is nothing wrong with your monitor, she just is that orange.

This poor thing had markings on her back, so I could identify her as Charly by Durham.

Markings on the body
 I didn't find much information on her. Charly with this face was made from the 70' to early 80'. She has hollow body with vinyl hands. Her hair is bad quality, but I'm not going to reroot it because of its unusual colour.

Charlu by Durham

 One day I was dusting my doll shelf and looked at Jasmin - she's orange and for once it is on purpose on a Simba's doll. However, Jasmin is one of the few Simba's Disney dolls that I've kept after a recent sweep and I was reluctant to give her legs or body to Charly. Luckily, I got another Jas in no time.

The second doll is a nameless drug store find. I named her Tia.

She had a hopeless hollow body. I liked her enough to sacrifice Disney's Megara as body donor.

The jacket is from Bratz boys fashion pack, the skirt is probably from Steffi's fashion pack, the body is my creation.

She might be a clone of a clone, but I can't say that I recognize any of her features. Help, anyone?


  1. Pierwsza lalka ma przepiękne spojrzenie!!! Normalnie jakbym patrzył w lustro :D

  2. The second doll looks like Ellie Mae Clamplett from the Beverly Hillbillies!

  3. Co tam pomarańczowa lalka, ja miałam pomarańczową koleżankę :D
    Ta pierwsza przypomina mi Tuesday Taylor :)

  4. The first doll is just adorable, how strange that she's orange!

    I have to agree with Muff on the second doll, hehe, she does look like Ellie Mae!!

    Lovely finds!

  5. Muszę przyznać, że obie bardzo mi się obie podobają - są takie inne od tego do czego przyzwyczailiśmy się na co dzień:)

  6. Fajne kloniki, pomarańczowy jest na czasie:)

  7. Obie panny są przepiękne. :)


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