Monday, March 12, 2012

Favourite dolls: Ballerina Barbie 2010

Maybe someone lucky out there enjoyed a nice weekend. As for me, it was another two days at the Uni and all I could do was just to recall one sweet, lazy morning from nearly a year ago. Wow, that memory will have to suffice for long. -_-'

I've spent it taking photos of one of my favourite dolls - a redhead Ballerina Barbie from 2010.

That's how she looked freshly out of the box.

  I found her on sales and something made me take her home, though I hate moulded clothes and shoes and glittery make up. However, there is something about her face that makes her one of my absolute favourites.

That morning she received a fashionistas body, which made me love her even more.

Free from the purple body at last!

No matter what she does, she does it in style. :)

Quiet morning was interrupted by agitated FF Barbie. "I've got a date really soon and I'm not ready!"
"Calm down, I'll help you"

 "Let's find some clothes for you. Long or short, sweet or hot, maybe something retro or a swimming suit?"

Make up!

Last touch.
And she left...
Leaving us with all that mess!


  1. I like your story! I also wish, now, that I had not given away my purple ballerina! (I found her at a thrift store.) :)

    1. Thank you! Maybe you'll find her again. These dolls sometimes reveal second face one wouldn't expect. :)

  2. Nice doll and so elegant! Nice story ;)

    1. Hmm, I never saw her as elegant, but you are right, there is something elegant about her. :) Thank you!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like your Barbie ballerina redhead with the new body. some very nice photos. I like the clothes of your Barbies. Keep in touch.

    1. Thank you. Some of my dolls' clothes I make myself. :)


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