Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dressing up Carrie

Winter is over and it may be the last sensible moment to post some of the fashions I made for my two Carries. First, a very simple sweater for RTW Carrie.

Something happened to her forehead and I noticed after taking the photos. I had to remove it with sandpaper and there was no time to repeat the shoot. I like the photo anyway, cause this is the only portray in which I was able to catch all the details of her make up.

I love her intense look. I think she is quite unusual.
RTW Carrie was my second Tonner doll and we've had a love-hate relationship since then. But I wouldn't change a detail in her.

Another Carrie is a slightly more recent buy, a dream come true - Kir Royale Carrie. She is wearing a slightly longer wig than the original one.

Yup, I messed the sleeves. -_-'


  1. Beautiful dolls and beautiful clothes - you've got talent!

  2. Śliczne oba zestawy! Czarny jest bardzo efektowny!

    1. Dzięki! Dojrzewam do decyzji, żeby z czarnym kompletem się rozstać. :)

  3. Hello from Spain: Two Tonner dolls are beautiful. The clothes fit great. You did a good job. Keep in touch.

  4. Piękna lalka i świetne stroje. Moje gratulacje :)


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