Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lodka doll and a bit of local history

While looking for an inspiration to participate in Heather's Adventurer's Club I stumbled upon a local project - a doll named Lodka, created by Monika Onoszko to promote young and talented fashion designers from Lodz city. It is quite fresh as until now the doll had two fashion collections - fall/winter and spring - created for her. You can read more here. I found out that for a short period of time, until 6. march, you can see the doll in the Museum of the Factory. Admission free!
I've decided to go there and check it out for you. ;) And I finally knew what I wanted to show in this month's theme of the Club.

In XIX century Lodz was "the Promised Land" of textile industry. Factories made of red brick grew one after another, followed by the amazing manors of their owners. And although that glorious episode of the city's history is over, the textile traditions are still strong in the region.
The exhibition takes place in Manufaktura shopping center located in revitalised factory buildings.
There are some dolls and photographs of the doll.
Frankie is not the part of the exhibit, she came with me. :)
There were only about twenty dolls.
Hey, what are you reading?
These were the dolls I liked most, because of their maximally simplified faces.
From the windows of the Museum we had a nice view of the shopping center and Poznanski's Palace in the background.
There were some more photos of Lodka in the marketplace below, but unfortunately I run out of time. On the way to the car we saw a restored cotton warehouse.


  1. Looks like the other dolls are ignoring Frankie. I think the exhibit is rather cool. I like how ethnic the dolls are.

  2. She kinda didn't mix well with them. I think Lodka is cool enough to deserve some recognition. :)

  3. I love how interested Frankie is in the other dolls.

  4. Wystawa mi sie podoba, ciekawe twarze lalek. Najfajniejsze zdjęcie z maleńką Frankie, stojącą pod obrazami. Boskie!


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