Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My doll shelf nedeed dusting for quite a while and I decided today is the day. I started from the top shelf, where my fairies and ballerinas are. I picked up Isla and Hadley, the twin Dancing Princesses on their twirling-wagon-dollstand.
Isla and Hadley - 12 Dancing Princesses - sweet as candies

Their stand is really annoying, very massive, taking up a lot of space. Well, it isn't any more, though it resisted... My hubby helped me to dismantle it and we made two smaller, sensible stands. While hot glue was setting, I washed Islas hair and took down her original hairdo to give her new curls and an updo. It didn't turn out perfect, guess I was too impatient and her original cut is very uneven, but she looks better anyway.

Then I took Fairytopia Sunburst, a doll with fabulous, original mould, cool hair and tragic body with painted on clothes and moulded rubber wings.
Fairytopia Sunburst
I wanted to give her MS Westley's body, but when I removed  most of the gold glitter from her face, it turned out that her best color match is... Barbie. I had a loose "hobbit" 2007 body, so I gave it to her. I really liked her original hairdo, but it was quite messy from the start, so I pulled it down too.

Looking for a body for Sunburst I came across my Splashy Chic Westley.
Splashy Chic Westley
 It's been a love-hate relationship since I got her. I wanted to have her, but from the beginning I knew, I'd change her. She's just too much good in one - red lips, blue eyes, golden-yellow eyeshadow, blonde highlights. And when I got her... I lost my concept.
Some time ago I tried to do something about her hair and it was a failure. So today I straightened her hair again and removed lip paint. And then I found out that I run out of paint. Great.

The girls are drying, looking for clothes and waiting for further makeover, so no new photos today.
As you probably noticed, I ended up with more mess than I started with. But I had lots of fun! And I have three more shelves to go. -_-'''


  1. I have a question about Sunburst. I recently got one with her hair down and not really sure how to restyle it. For the loops you braid it and then do what?

    1. And secure with transparent rubber band joining the end of the braid and somewhere near the scalp. But here my Sunburst was in her "factory settings".


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