Thursday, February 2, 2012

Disney's dolls

I went through my second shelf today, the one with Disney/fairytale dolls. Their number's been slightly reduced in the last months. I decided to keep only the dolls I really like.
I put away most of Princesses made by Simba cause they started... decomposing. They're not old, most of them was produced less than 6 years ago, but their bodies turned yellow and some makeups faded. The same thing happened to the girls I kept in boxes, so it's not the fault of UV or dust. Anyway, it made me really angry. I kept only Simba's Aladdin and Jasmin, Mulan and two Ariels. I guess the problem concerns only the dolls from the first and second edition. Unless more yellowing is ahead of me, on the newer dolls.
I also got rid of Milo form Atlantis, Megara from Hercules, Anakin from Star Wars, Kayley and Garrett from The Magic Sword. These are nice, original and well made dolls, but I didn't relate to them. Actually, I have problems remembering what I got rid of, so I probably don't miss them too much. The shelf is dominated by Mulans now - 7 of them - and still pretty crowdy. :)

My absolute favourite - Dowager Empress from Anastasia. She moved from the shelf for a while cause I'm making her a new, more appropriate dress.
Two Pocahontas dolls salvaged from the shelf population reduction.

Many faces of Fiona.

Simba's Mulan - rather interesting than pretty.

My gorgeous Belle.


  1. Sliczne ! -ja z twojej pieknej kolekcji mam tylko Fione !pozdrawiam

    1. Witaj Gabi! Fionka jest nawet fajnie pomyślana, nie? Taka do zabawy, niby prosta, a dużo można z nią zrobić. Tylko te stópki ogromne i żadne butki nie pasują...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love your Fiona dolls-especially the green one. I had no idea they even made one-I must be out of the doll loop!


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