Monday, March 29, 2021

Barbie skin tone match guide update (2021.1)

L to R: Barbie Extra #2 (GVR05, Shimmery look), MtM purple top, BMR1959 (GPF15, Color Block Windbreaker, Bike Shorts & Vinyl Boots), MtM GXF07 (red yoga)

 I've noticed that the latest curvy "red yoga" GXF07 MtM has a really unique skin tone - very light with slighy yellow hues. I suspect, although it is only my guess, that BMR1959 Kira GHT95 has the same skin tone.

Zauważyłam, że najnowsza krągła "joginka w czerwonym" MtM GFX07 ma niespotykany odcień - bardzo jasny z żółtymi tonami. Podejrzewam, choć to tylko moje domysły, że BMR1959 Kira GHT95 ma ten sam odcień.


  1. At least in photographs, Kira has a very yellow skin tone, as in an unnaturally yellow skin tone.

    1. The Red Mtm looks very yellow too, but I'll have to compare on some meet (ha ha), because I don't have this Kira.


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