Barbie skin tone match guide

I am a bit obsessed with skin tone match when rebodying dolls. I will note down my experiences here using the official Mattel's names when possible. The list is constantly under construction and take note I'm not infallible. ;)
There are other valuable guides, for example the Model Muse Barbie Wiki covering many MM Barbies' skin tones and body types. There is also a nice guide by Chavita on flickr.

Update 1: Many thanks to Mangalarga for a great contribution to this list!
Thanks to Joanna S and Kukolka for correction!

TBC= to be confirmed

Barbie nostalgic skin tone (as in Pivotal Jazz Baby, Made to Move Lea, etc.)
  • Fashion Fever Gillian - as light as the nostalgic skin tone, but a bit more pinkish. Not pink enough for the Raquelle's skin tone. I have her on Hollywood Nails Barbie's body.
  • Generation Girl Chelsie - same as above, except I kept her original body.
  • The Barbie Diaries Raquelle 2006 - same as above, kept on her original body.
  • Vitamin C Barbie - nostalgic is probably the best match. My VitC is more pinkish, but others say, that theirs fit just right.
Barbie neutra skin tone (like Made to Move Barbie Pink Top,  etc.)
  • Made to Move Barbie/pink top (I've been told 2nd ed. is more orange)
  • Made to Move Barbie Soccer Player (blonde)
  • Made to Move Barbie Maritial Artist (slightly more orange, this might be a glitch, but still a good match)
  • Fashionistas Doll 16/Team Glam
  • Fashionistas Barbie Doll 31 Rock 'N' Roll Plaid - Petite
  • Fashionistas Barbie Doll 14 Powder Pink - Original 
  • DOTW Sumatra-Indonesia 2007 Barbie
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 02 (Lara/Ana)
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 07 (Aphrodite)
  • Barbie Basics 001.5 Model 06 (Carnaval/LeAnn)
  • Barbie Basics Jeans Collection 002 Model 01 (Mackie)
  • Barbie Basics Jeans Collection 002 Model 03 (Steffie)
  • Barbie Basics Jeans Collection 002 Model 07 (Aphrodite)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 07 (Aphrodite)
  • Generation Girl Mari 
  • Pop Life Barbie
  • Dancing with the Stars Waltz
  • Dancing with the Stars Paso Doble
  • Hunger Games Katniss
  • Catching Fire Katniss 
  • Picture Pockets Kira (TBC)

LA Tan (like Made to Move Teresa, Standard Fashionistas)
  • Made to Move Teresa/blue top
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 06 (Carnaval/LeAnn)
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 11 (Teresa)
  • Barbie Basics 002 Model 02 (Lara/Ana)
  • Barbie Basics 002 Model 04 (Goddess)
  • Barbie Basics 002 Model 11 (Teresa)
  • Barbie Basics 002.5 Model 04 (Goddess)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 02 (Lara/Ana)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 04 (Goddess)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 05 (Lea/Kalya)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 14 (Louboutin)
  • Flashdance Barbie
  • Standard Fashionistas (pre 2015)
  • Fashionistas Barbie 2015 Asha/tartan skirt
  • Fashionistas Barbie Doll 26 Spring Into Style - Curvy (to be confirmed)
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 12 (Tango) (not confirmed)

Tropic Tan
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica
  • Marisa Pretty Young Thing

Light Brown (like Made to Move Orange top - blond Lea and Made to Move Soccer Player AA)
  • Barbie Basics 002.5 Model 08
  • Barbie Basics RED2 Model 02 (Ana/Lara) 
  • Fashionistas Artsy/Nikki
  • Fashionistas Barbie Doll 6 Tribal Print Romper - Original (2015)
  • Barbie SIS Trichelle (from Trichelle & Janessa Artist Set)
  • Barbie Fashion Fever Wave F Kayla (pink zip up dress and olive green top & belt) - head is slightly darker, maybe due to age
  •  Barbie Oh So Raven
  • Barbie Diaries Nikki - the head is darker, but still I guess this is the closest match
  • Christie Beyond Pink - same as above
  • Christie Hula Hair - the head is darker and more orange 

Afra (like Made to Move Asha)
  • Made to Move Asha/yellow top 
  • Fashionistas Barbie Doll 33 Fab Fringe - Tall
  • Fashionistas Barbie Capri Cool/Pants so Pink
  • Pop Life AA
  • Jazz Baby Jazz Diva
  • SIS Grace
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 08 (Mbili)
  • Barbie Basics 002 Model 08 (Mbili)
  • Barbie Basics RED1 Model 08 (Mbili) 
  • Cali Girl Christie 
  • The Barbie Look City Shopper #2
  • The Barbie Look City Shine #5 

Light Black
  • SIS Kara
  • Barbie Diva Gone Platinum AA

Dark Brown
  • Alvin Ailey Barbie
  • SIS Chandra
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 10 (Desiree/Artsy)
  • Barbie Basics 003 Model 08 (Mbili) 

Dark black 
  • Barbie Basics 001 Model 04 (Goddess)


  1. Hi IHime, I can help with one TBC! Barbie Diva Gone Platinum AA matches SIS Kara. Here they are with Made To Move Asha:

    1. the made to move asha don't match... the skin is too pale i try, match only with sis kara

  2. if you like I can help to add more skin match in the list i've made some experiment in these months!

  3. I rebodied Barbie Fashionista with the donut t-shirt and the Skipper head mold using the MTM Teresa and it looks quite well.

  4. I bought a new MTM blue top and her skin tone is the same as the MTM skateboarder. It's horribly disappointing because it's very difficult to find a doll that matches a huge range of older dolls.

    1. Yeah, I constantly fail to find a match for the older dolls. :(

  5. UMM...does cali lea match with the orange top made to move body? or light honey skintone FR/NU/IT body? =)

    1. I think orange top should be the closest match. I don't know about fr bodies, I don't collect them, sorry.

  6. Would you happen to know ther is a MTM that would match Game Developer Barbie's skin tone?

    1. Better late than never, sorry: I haven't seen her in person, but I'd go with the standard "neutra".

  7. I have Generation Chelsie, body is so loose, needs replacement, but head is very pretty and I dont know where to find matching body :(

    1. I have her too. You might try Dreamhouse Raquelle, My Scene Chelsea. I don't know about any newer dolls in this pinkish shade.

  8. Hi.. Hopefully you can update this guide. This is so usefull. Anw, do you know barbie mtm yoga blonde has same skin tone with mtm gymnastic or not? And do you know the fit mtm body for garden party 1988 and toy story 2 ?

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  11. Hi You have a very interesting blog ... thank you. Do you happen to know any MTM bodies that fit the Malibu Barbie trio? The suntanned girls need new bodies! Any help appreciated